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The major characteristic of Indian society is its Pluralism. With the change in the patterns of economic development, the diversity of Indian culture is at complexity. While maintaining the ideas of secularism and limiting the caste politics, the society is moving towards polarization and fragmentation. Moreover, the issue of Social exclusion has taken over the recent discourse from central policy making to political debates and academic discourse firstly in Western Europe, and later in other parts of the world. While the issue of minority right has become an important topic, there can be numerous reasons quoted- unquoted for the existing discrimination among Muslims. The findings of the study help to demonstrate the effects of social exclusion on the lives of Muslim population in India.

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Dr.Zainab Farhat, & Nagendra Ambedkar Sole. (2019). Muslim Identity in India: Narratives of Social Exclusion and Inclusion. History Research Journal, 5(6), 3111-3126. Retrieved from