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Playing football requires huge amount of anthropometric and physiological attributes in addition to proficiency, understanding and intellect (Wade, 1979; Sheldon et al., 1954). The aim of the present study is to describe the VO2 Max of  Bhutanese National Club Footballers and to examine their relationship of VO2 Max  among different playing positions of the players. The sample  frame  comprised of   108 (6 teams of 18 players  each) players from six top  Football Clubs (FC) namely Yeedzin FC, Thimphu City FC, Drukpol FC, Ugyen Academy FC, Phuntsholing FC and Dzongrig FC  taking part in the Coca Cola Football League; highest level of football tournament in Bhutan.  Aerobic Fitness test  through  Multi Stage Fitness Test/ Beep Test by Leger (1988), VO2 max test  (Jackson and Pollock with Siri Equation) were held. A trial version of Software, SPSS (Ver.16) was utilized to do the analysis of the measured data. Mean, standard deviation and one-way ANOVA was utilized to see whether any significant difference is there among footballers according to their playing positions. Results displayed a significant difference was identified in the VO2 max of Bhutanese national club footballers in relation to their playing position.

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Dr. Aruna Rani, & Puspalal Sharma. (2019). Dominance of Aerobic Capacity and Vo2 Max among Bhutanese National Club Footballers in Relation to Their Playing Position. History Research Journal, 5(6), 3104-3110. Retrieved from