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          The South Travancore state was situated at the Southwestern extremity of India.  The ancient history of South Travancore proves to be traditional.  This ancient kingdom of South Travancore forms the Southern-most portion of the west coast of India. The inscriptions available for this period in South Travancore speak of the Pandyas who ruled this part.            The earliest ruler who invaded South Travancore was Sendan. The main basis for this inference is that he assumed the title "Vanavan" which was a distinctive appellation of the Chera ruler. Arikesari Maravarman, popularly known as Koon Pandya next attacked South Travancore. By defeating Raja Simha, the Pandya ruler, Parantaka Chola (907-935 A.D.) was able to extend his conquest as far South as Travancore.  He fortified Kottaru and demarcated the boundary of the southern Kingdom.  The inscriptions found out in Suchindram and its neighbouring areas indicate that locality was under Chola authority. Raja Raja, (985-1014 A.D.) the great, started his aggressive policy towards the south during his fourth regnal year.

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