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The term Green Revolution has been used to mean two different things. The Green Revolution was introduced in the form of a package programme as it focused on irrigation, fertilizers, high yielding variety seeds and pesticides. The aim of Green Revolution is to promote both agriculture production and productivity. Modem scientific knowledge and technology were thus introduced to Indian agriculture through the Green Revolution. The Green Revolution among other factors has greatly increased the output of Indian agriculture. The Indian economy is primarily an agricultural economy. Agricultural sector formed the backbone of economy of the country as it covers nearly sixty percent of available land for agricultural activities. It provides employment for about 62 percent of working population of country. The very existence of economic activities of the entire people is bound with the state and health of this sector. Agriculture is the dominating sector of the state's economy and contributes in several ways to the state’s economic progress. Agriculture throughout the world has been revolutionized by the development of genetic science. Green Revolution refers to a major breakthrough in the application of genetic science to agricultural production during the 1960s, which first produced hybridized dwarf varieties of wheat and rice that were very responsive to high application of fertilizer and produced yields two to three times higher than the varieties they replaced. The high yielding varieties of wheat and rice introduced in the late 1960s certainly contributed to these gains. So did modem varieties of maize and other crops introduced before and after the Green Revolution. Indian agriculture started showing significant diversification with the spread of Green Revolution technology beginning late 1960s. The impact that Green Revolution technologies can have on farming and farmer's decision making is brought to life in the Green Revolution game, a sophisticated gaming simulation of the drama of rural development and technological change in agriculture based on original field work in India. 

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