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The Family or Bowen System theory is a genogram analysis that is evolved to be the best solution that can be practiced physically through consciousness and studied theoretically through application in resolving family relationship problems. In a realistic sense, Bowen’s Genogram is more of a therapy, theory and solution established to study the nuances breakages a family experience through its existence be it between relationships, individual self’s, society and environment. The real significance of Genogram ignites the researching of recorded family history and the ancestors' relation with the extended family. The Genogram in specific is a methodology to identify and know what relationships were lived within a family and solve severe problems in discovering the emotional patterns evolved for years in every connection. A genogram “is a useful tool in exploring a family system and identifying patterned ways of relating to each member through a diagram of the family tree” (Genogram -Family Tree Tip Sheet.doc).

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Ms. Honoureen Beatrice Gamble, & Dr. Cheryl Davis. (2019). A Reflection Of Nuclear Family Dejection From Incompatibility To Bowen’s Compatibility A Genogram Analysis In The Novel The Songs Of The Humpback Whale. History Research Journal, 5(6), 2892-2901. Retrieved from