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The ancient land Assam has an old tradition of art of illustration too. Manuscript illustration was a unique form of painting in Assam. From ‘Phung-Chin’ dated 1437 A.D. to bhakti movement  inspire illustrated manuscripts till the eighteenth century A.D. it was a vibrant tradition of Assam. The practice left impact on society and economy too.  Illustrations were done on locally available ingredients native to this land such as ‘sanchipat’ or bark of aloe wood(aquilaria agallocha), ‘tulapat’ or pressing cotton pieces, bamboo strip folios etc. People engaged in the creation of  manuscripts, painting equipments were organised under various ‘khel’ or professional groups that forms an important part of  the society. The unique tradition started decline during moamoria rebellion in eighteenth century A.D. that shook the very foundation of six hundred years long Ahom rule in Assam. At the present date a handful of persons engaged in reproduction of old paintings and create new.

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