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The Parathavars adopted Christianity in the first half of the sixteenth century. Christianity being a religion that was reintroduced into India by the West European powers was in general though to have grossly changed the lifestyle of the converts. But in fact, the process of conversion helped the Parathavars to rediscover and realize the strength of the local self-government against which even powerful missionaries were not able to establish new systems. Gradually priests like Henri Henriquez remodeled their approach with the converts and understood the value and meaning of native institutions. Hence they organized the converts into sodalities patterned in line with the local self-government. The cultural core of the people that stood on the premise of kinship pattern and marriage relationship based on that did not undergo substantial change. In fact, the missionaries requested the ‘Holy See’ to make changes in the rules of the Church to accommodate local practices. The present article deals with issues related to these.

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