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Now a day’s transport sectoroccupies a place of essential importance in Indianeconomy. The wonderfulgrowth of transport sector has expandedtrade, commerce and industries phenomenally. Increasing of more population and unemployment are creatingproblemsin developing countries. Reason for lackof awareness, illiteracy, undevelopedtechnology, poor innovation, isdue to in propersystems. To improve the highqualityof public sectorin the field of transports, the significance of Personnel management in public sector transport corporations with a large number of employeescoveringalmost the entire population of the state isnecessary. It brings about a numberof issues relating to recruitment and selection of the right people, their training and development, superiorsubordinaterelationship and employment relations. These practices lead to employeegrievances. Therefore, effective personnel management practices are required to handletheseproblems. Highlymotivated and committedworkforcecancontribute to the productivity of an organization. The effective functioningof the Transport Corporation mainlydepends on the efficiency of its personnel management practices. This studyisan attempt to findout the efficiencyof personnel management practices in TNSTC in Pudukkottai District whichisthe presentresearchregion.Theresearchstudyincludes planning, staffing, selectionprocess, training and development, wage and incentive plan, salaryand remuneration, motivation, trade unions and association, welfaremeasures and safety, performance appraisal of workers of Personnel Management. The personnel Management practice of Tamilnadu state transport corporation workers and the impact on the growthof the unit are plannedin the researchwork. The studycoversVillupuram  Districtonly.

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G.Manoj, & Dr. I. Narsis. (2019). A Study On Efficiency Of Personnel Management Practices In Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Invillupuram District. History Research Journal, 5(6), 2845-2857. Retrieved from