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This paper will have its base on the Saudi women who have been eternally suppressed by the so called patriarchy. This paper will deal how much sufferings and pains have been inflicted upon them through the ages. They never opened themselves, even if they had expressed their agony, the society never bothered about it. In the recent past there emerged number of movements that enlightened them and taught them the need to resist against the patriarchy. The objective of this paper is to explore and to go to the roots of their present status. A discussion will also be made to see the threats that they encounter and their strategy of resistance to oppression, the hurdles they face while trying to come to the forefront like men in the society and to have a dignified life with equality. The women begin to shatter their chains and bondages. Sasson is one among the prolific writers of this who beautifully exemplified the condition of suppressed women. Sultana, the central character has experienced the bitterness of being a woman and her first hand experience will shed more lights in the narrations.

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Benila S R, & Dr. M. Leema Rose. (2019). Resistance And Resilience Of Women: A Feministic Insight Into The Select Works Of Jean Sasson. History Research Journal, 5(6), 2839-2844. Retrieved from