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The Indian history is one of the most dynamic histories in the world. Since its year of independence, India has come a long way from a newly independent democracy to an emerging global power.  21st century that will go a mile stone  down in Indian history and also shape its future. The Various factors that affect the common man and the need to make the country developed are discussed in this paper. The India economy, Technology, Political environment and other areas like development of Space Science , Smart Cities and future developments that will go in the long days to come in Indian history. The Author has done decent contribution in creating awareness in recent trends in Indian History which will be beneficial to the readers and stakeholders. In recent times, India has also built foreign relations with world powers such as the United States, Europian Union, Japan, and Russia. Another important factor that enhances India’s position as an emerging global entity is the strength of its armed forces. The Indian military is the world’s third largest defense force, today.

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