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Trauma occurs, when people confront acute violence against them, or through the calamity of natural events. Some people dare to surmount such events but there are people who fail to do so and dissociate from the society,thereby,they lose the waysto overcome it. Though people tend to forget traumatic experiences with the passage of time, they are inclined to recollect certain events in order to understand the veracity of such incidents. Therefore, the recollection of traumatic memory after many years can be the result of being witness or victim of certain events to disclose the truth. When it comes to recollection human memory can be fallible in narrating the past incidents.

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V. Suganya, & Padmanabhan, D. B. (2019). Facets of Traumatic Memory and Confabulation: Encapsulating The Irish Social Milieu Through Personal Remembrance In Anne Enright’s The Gathering. History Research Journal, 5(6), 2477-2489. Retrieved from