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Dalit writing is the adventure of opposition against the authority of Brahmanic writing which claims to be omniscient and widely inclusive while displaying a thin, uneven, bent and one-sided perspective on the real world. Society is evolving. So clearly the job of writing and articulation must be changed as needs be. A feeling of inadequacy appended with 'being Dalit' is diminished significantly. It is time taking process and will go with time. So it is fundamental that our methodology towards Dalit writing must be changed. There is an uncommon change in dalit awareness in decades ago. The discouraged awareness of dalits is evolving. It is supplanted by standing up for themselves in each field. Dalits, who were essentially undetectable from socio-political field, are making their essence all over the place. They are giving their commitment to society. So our writing must include the changing job of dalits.

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Saleem , D. S., & Pandit, M. M. A. (2019). Neo-Dalitism, New Trends in Articulation and Developing Socio-Political Milieu. History Research Journal, 5(6), 2243-2248. Retrieved from