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  Rameshwaram is the one of the holylands of hindus,which is situated in Ramnad region.     The territory of the Setupathis of Ramnad is also located in the same land between 9 degrees 6' and 10 degrees 6' N latitude and 77 degrees 56' and 79 degrees 19' E longitudes. It encompassed the southern and eastern portion of Madurai district and included the whole Bay of Bengal coast of the district.  It has an area of 2,104 square miles (5,450 km) and had a population of 723,886 in 1901. It was one of the largest and the most populous zamindari estates in the Madras   Presidency.Inthe year 2011 cences ,this district’s  total population is  1,353445, with an area of 4104sq km.

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