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The concept of globalization and social change are one important aspects of sociology.  Globalization is concerned with expansion of global capitalism in worldwide basis. At present global economy is based on electronic economy i.e. weightless economy. Emergence of globalization as a process of changed in 3rd world countries and it has plays a significant role to altering the socio- economic structure of human society in present era. There are some positive as well as negative consequences of globalization process. Globalization is a widespread socio- economic process, which has been spread in all the societies. It represents one of the aspects of new economic policy launched in the decades of 1980s and 1990s.  Globalization refers to the process whereby the world is becoming a single global system; whereby there is an increased consequence of the world as a single place.  According to the Blackwell Dictionary of sociology: “Globalization is a process in which the social life within the societies is increasingly affected by international influences based on everything  from political and trade ties to shared music, clothing, styles and mass-media.” In the era of globalization rapid socio-economic transformation has been taking place in the economy at international level. At present globalization process has impact on Indian society.  It has changed the socio-economic structure of Indian society.

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