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In this beautiful world everyone wishes to look the best. When we hear the word “Jewel” all women from young to old age love and are crazy about jewellery. Jewellery is One of the important accessories which we find in everyone’s house and it is a form of universal adornment. Women wearing jewellery is a part of our culture and gives a gorgeous feminine look with more confidence and adds beauty. Ancient techniques which was revived and imitation jewellery which came to style. Women are very conscious about the upcoming trends and styles of imitation jewels irrespective of geographical locations. Times are really getting tougher and harder because there is an apparent economic crunch everywhere in the world. In fact, in today’s scenario robbery is taking place everywhere and it is rising due to various reasons and one of the reasons is increase in gold prices.

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Fernando, F. Z., & Hamil, D. A. (2019). Buyer Behaviour of Imitation Jewellery Among College Students in Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation, Tamil Nadu. History Research Journal, 5(6), 1926-1936. Retrieved from