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The Devadasi system, an ancient religious institution had played a significant role in the medieval Tamil Society. The expression Devadasi in Sanskrit or Devaradiyar in Tamil refers to not only a dancing girl dedicated or attached to the spiritual service to Gods and Goddesses in the temples but also played a vital role on public utility services. They were known by different names as Tali-Cerip Pendiugal.1 Manikkattar, Ganikaiyar, Devaradiyar, Padiyilar, Rishabhattaliyilar, Kavirippina and Rajadasis.    

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Vijayakumar, M., Sridhar, D., Rajan, D., & Paranthaman, D. G. (2019). Traces Have We Lost the Contributions of Devadasis to the Tamil Society and Their Social Responsibility. History Research Journal, 5(6), 1721-1728. Retrieved from