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English language has become a ‘Lingua Franca ‘in this global competitive scenario. It is predominantly recognized as a major language to communicate in many of the spheres in present situation by people all around the world. This present research article throws light on the importance of communicating in foreign language and different approaches and methods to improve it among engineering students in Andhra Pradesh. It also tries to bring out the challenges that technical graduates face in speaking and understanding this second language in this regional state. It also emphasizes emergence of acquiring communication in English which fetches global opportunities. It also highlights the difficulties of B.Tech students in writing and reading English at graduation level and also the role of English language curriculum in the syllabus which is prescribed by JNTUK in this Telugu speaking state.

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KOTESWARARAO, G. R. (2019). Enhancement of English Communication Skills is Achievable for Engineering Students through Their Course Curriculum . History Research Journal, 5(6), 1686-1688. Retrieved from