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The directive principles of the state policy as the name itself suggests, are the directions on the basis of which the state (as defined in article 12) should frame its policies. Though these principles are non-justiciable, yet they have been backed by the ‘vox-populi’ i.e. the voice of the people. As these principles are non- enforceable in the courts of law, in this particular research paper researcher would look at how did the city of Indore which is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh manage to achieve the same. When we closely look at these principles in relation with the fundamental rights, then one might find them contradictory to each other.

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Mittal, N. (2019). DPSP an Unachievable Task: How did Madhya Pradesh Government Proved it wrong? . History Research Journal, 5(6), 1340-1346. Retrieved from