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The demand for equal rights and a liberal space to women is under the strenuous attack of Moral and cultural Policing. Democratic law fails to protect the women from the onslaught of culture and tradition. Self-proclaimed defenders of culture and tradition in many parts of the country have sought to outline a woman’s ‘place’ in the society. These so called ‘custodians of Indian culture’ have no understanding of the constitution and the law. Their concept of morality is prone to extremist religious beliefs. This paper explores the connection between women’s body and morality seen through the lenses of culture specifically in Indian context. This paper focuses on the use of culture for violation of women’s rights, issues of sexuality and women’s equality in a gendered power relation.

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Sasmita Rani Shasini. (2019). Cursed Bodies, Silenced Lives: Women, Moral Policing and Human Rights in India. History Research Journal, 5(6), 901-916. Retrieved from