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The aim of the investigator to compare the orientation towards physical education and sports between government and private school Data was collected from Government and Private Sector school Student of 11th and 12th class student’s boys and girls. For better understanding of the research objective, data were collected and analyzed from 40 Government and 40 Private sector school. After collected the data were analyzing on SPSS. The hypothesis of the study was found to be accepted. The school students of Government and Private school, found to be significant difference in their Educational Attitude. Government and Private Sector School population was found 22.65 and 26.025 respectively. The calculated t value was 5.424. the Cal. “t” (=5.424)> ‘t’ .05 (df=78) (=1.66).The result indicates that subjects which are in Private sector their Orientation towards Physical Education and Sports level was same as Government Sector School students

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