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Culture plays an important role in the existence of the existing of every individual. When the people who live outside of their home country, they experience cultural conflicts. In the case of migrants, who cross the geographic and cultural borders, their culture changes in relation to their home and host country. The memory of their part culture complicates the existence and they face the issues of cultural plurality and identity. There they face alienation, loneliness and emotional distress etc. As a result of their obsession towards traditions, which were followed in their homeland. This study explores the issues of cultural plurality, when the migrants are trying to cling on their tradition. Esther David, an Indian writer, weaves her stories around Bene Israel, Jewish community of India. Being a Bene Israel, she tries to explore the tradition and culture of Indian Jews, especially Bene Jews in Bombay. She created a fictional backdrop, Shalom India Hosing Society, Ahmedabad in her novels. The focus is on her second and latest novel, Bombay Brides. In her fictional society, where the Block A inhabitants are completely Jews and Block B in inhabited by a mixture of other communities. Bombay Brides is in the form of stories told by each character, living in Block A. Each story is a lamination on the problems of diminishing community of Jews in India. It is an analysis of their culture and tradition; they are still trying to follow in a vast multicultural country like India

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