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E.M Forster set on a voyage to discover the goodness in human life. He valued mutual trust, understanding and sympathy – the qualities hidden inside the human heart. He dedicated himself to the improvement of the essential human spirit. He was always busy finding the ‘human norm’. He always felt that life needs a proportion and no doubt his novels are excellent examples for this. A Passage to India is regarded as Forster’s greatest novel. In this work he criticizes the British rule in India. It is a profound statement about the conflicts faced by the colonizers and the colonized. Usingsymbolism, rhythm etc Forster evokes in us a real world. The novel sensitively traces the ups and downs of the relationship between the British and the Indians. My paper titled The Politics behind the Representation of British ‘Raj’ in the novel A Passage to India’ critically analyses the politics behind the use of the word ‘Raj’ along with the British. Is this possible? It’s all left to the readers to decide…

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Neethu Anna Tharakan. (2019). The Politics Behind the Representation of British ‘Raj’ in the Novel APassage to India’ by E.M. Forster. History Research Journal, 5(6), 545-548. Retrieved from