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The study will examine the various module of dispersion, the process and steps to measure this dynamics and the effects on individuals and groups. In the last several decades the Northeast peoples migrated in a large number to metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. while some travel overseas. In India many of the northeast people have facing prejudices, sexual harassment and racism while in their homeland several violent conflicts continue. Specifically, the researcher will focus on ethnic groups (Tribal of Manipur) living within the city of Chennai. The tribal of Manipur are one of the major indigenous group from North East India. For the period of time they become gradually emerge in the live world of host communities.  The inter-cultural dynamic among the Manipur tribe living in Chennai has a larger significance to reckon within the last two decades. It experiences has become an epitome of inter-culture dynamics process taking place in India. This study will inspire to observe the phenomena that take place during the process of inter-cultural relation, in how much stress they experience and how well they adapt psychologically and socio-culturally. The implication for public policy and personal orientations toward inter-culture dynamics are proposed. Unity and integration require substantial negotiation and the concept and findings of the study can provide some guidance for the movement of the North East People.

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Manshi Dangmei, & Dr K. Maharajan. (2019). Inter-Culture Dynamics of North-Eastern Tribe Living in South IndiaA case study of Zeliangrong Tribe in Chennai. History Research Journal, 5(6), 519-529. Retrieved from