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Presently, in this world, both individuals and the organizations have difficult time in bringing work-life balance. In organizational perspective, a high standard of work–life balance is important to continue attracting and retaining its employees; while at the individual’s perspective it has a positive impact on behavior, attitude, and commitment towards both professional life and personal life. Work-life balance has become an on-going problem in contemporary times. Though work-life balance is addressed for various decades and measured with various dimensions, this is high time to measure work-life balance in accordance with current lifestyle. Here comes the role of internet which is twisted with every human being in day to day activities. Without Internet social media is meaningless. Usage of social media results in both productive and unproductive behavior. Therefore the study measures the usage of social media in personal life and professional life on work-life balance. The result shows that social media usage in professional life has highly impacted on work-life balance which caused due to preoccupation with social media in workplace.

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