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Human begin does not remain the same until he dies from the day of conception. Those changes, along with the environment, are leading him on the path of progress. Any growth depends on the man his age. Traditionally, a part of a child's life can be predicted during pregnancy. Part of it is unpredictable. According to the genetic biogenesis inherited from the mother and father, a child’s functioning is determined by the environment actions and improves the lives of children, could fall and his or her life functions. The present study aims to find out the Study on Status of Runaway Children in Dindigul District. A samples of 50 respondents selected randomly were studied. Primary data were collected by using a structured interview scheduled. All the respondents were asked the some questions in the same fashion and they were informed the purpose of study. Percentage analysis and cross tabulation was applied in the present study. The findings and observations are the result and outcome of the interpretations made during the study of analysis.

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