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Health is a major determinant of human development however one could see advanced developments in medicine, science and technology enable to better quality life however the health status of the majority of the people are at bay. The practice of health differ with the social, cultural, religious and economic factors with in a region (location) and culture. The present research is to understand the close interaction between man, environment, the social system and technology. Further, it is intended to examine how far the community health services, influence the rural population in changing their myths and traditional health beliefs and practices.The present study is taken up in Manapet village, Puducherry Union Territory. The researcher has collected relevant data from all the 90 respondents.  The findings of the study are evident that the respondent’s age, caste, income, education and occupation status determine the health status of the rural people.

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Dr. Ravi. (2019). Economic Factors and Health Seeking Behaviours of Rural People in Puducherry Union Territory – A Case Study at Manapet Village. History Research Journal, 5(6), 447-454. Retrieved from