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Old age has been defined variously in different societies and also Cross-Culturally. It is a relative concept and different meanings have been attributed in different contexts. It is nevertheless, universally accepted as the last phase of human life cycle. The timing of this phase, its impact on the meanings attached to it vary greatly from one society to another. The present study aims to find out the social tribulations of the aged people in Aravakurichy Taluk, Karur district. A samples of 202 respondents selected randomly were studied. A questionnaire method of survey was used to find out the social problems of the aged people. The data were collected by using questionnaire as an instrument. Percentage analysis and cross tabulation was applied in the present study. The findings and observations are the result and outcome of the interpretations made during the study of analysis.

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Dr. M. Dhamodharan. (2019). Social Tribulations of The Aged People in Aravakurichy Taluk, Karur District . History Research Journal, 5(6), 413-435. Retrieved from