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Global warming is a great threatening for not only human beings also the plants, animals and at last the mother earth.Naturally occurring greenhouse gases (not fluorinated gases) are good in naturally occurring amounts; it’s when people start contributing excessive amounts of them that greenhouse gases become a problem. Global warming affecting the quality of life with poor quality air results in spreading of diseases and economic loses which finally leading to decreased population. Climate change can be mitigated through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or the enhancement of the capacity of carbon sinks to absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.This Study aimed to assess the knowledge of Chidambaram residents about global warming and intended to assess the effectiveness of Plan Teaching Program among the same. Training received by the people and after the program the attitude and knowledge improved a lot.

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Dr. S. Arul Kumar PT, & Dr. S. Allah Baksh. (2019). Addressing Implications of Global Warming: Impact of Plan Teaching Programat Chidambaram Town . History Research Journal, 5(6), 381-390. Retrieved from