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The nature jostles the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on 26th December 2004 at 6.28 AM when a major earthquake with magnitude of 9.3 shocked the earth having its epicenter of quake at Sumatra (Indonesia) Islands created devastating Tsunami of about 30 feet height overcoming everything that came on its way and cost life and property in the coastal area. Tsunami is a natural disaster that occurs due to unpredictable ruptures in tectonic plates underwater. The severity of Tsunami waves cause damage to life and structures near the shore. Report reveals that 9797 Nos. of houses are damaged, 454 Nos. of human died and 3974 Nos. are missing and 50,000 people were affected by the disaster. The Administration precedence relief and rescue operation in all geographical spread inhabited Islands and to restore back all the damaged infrastructures namely houses, roads, water supply, ports, electricity, transport system and marine fish landing centers.

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