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In the post-modern society the social media culture has deeply rooted in our day-to-day life. It has infiltrated our lives. The cultural sphere can be perceived in the contemporary scenario which promote variant prototype of knowledge and power. Today we have a transubstantiated perception of our own existence. Everything is decided by the so-called social networking systems. We are actually being trained and moulded as per the needs and protocols of the social media. The norms of the social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., has subverted the existing notions of the human mind and thus they create a new dimension for our life. In the present contemporary society everything works under a false deception. It looks so perfect in its outer cover but it is not. We are more likely to imitate others in their mannerisms and attitude. Thus we are repudiating our own selves. We want to be like others and we strive hard to be like them. If we cannot satisfy it then depression arises. We would like to post pictures like others on social media and want to be accepted by others. If we do not get the desired response, we get easily hurt by being ‘rejected’. We are always under the false consciousness which is being created by the social hub. The paper entitled “Prevarication and Cognizance in the Post- Truth Epoch” is an attempt to analyse the ways in which the human psyche has been tangled by the post-truth deceits and beguilement.

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