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History recon iterates and deciphers the bygone ages and events. The ethnicities, values and beliefs held by preceding generations mark an indelible impact. It also records despair, wretched experiences and traumas of underprivileged, colonized and marginalized sections. Present culture can obviously no longer be described as closed spheres or in terms of inner homogeneity. Ethnography moves from its conventional single site location, contextualized by macro constructions of a large social order. Migration signifies a sudden and alien incursion in to the ecology of arts in Europe. Refugee history can be outlined from pre-modern times onwards. Refugees are persecuted and retained in remote areas, have to lead a miserable life. Cultural history synchronizes the cultural imbrications of past and groups of individuals together across other provinces. It has been considered as a methodology which deliberates on the realm of representation and the struggle over meaning for discovering the pursuit of historical understandings. The paper seeks to analyze the paradigm of refugee studies in the two stories Black- Eyed Woman and War Years from the Short story collection The Refugees.

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Anjali Vijay. (2019). Envisioning The Realm Of Refugee History: An Analysis Of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Refugees. History Research Journal, 5(6), 329-334. Retrieved from