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This research paper examines how the group work affectsindividuals in an ESL classroom while developing language skills and encourages them to communicate and participate more actively. The primary aim of this study is to improve student participation in individual speaking sessions like extempore and JAM sessions which could be nerve racking for some students due to various fears such as stage fear, fear of humiliation, fear of making mistakes etc.The study involves a qualitative analysis performed through questionnaire as well as survey, and the results corroborate the positive correlation between the teamwork and students’ participation in speaking sessions.Three groups of 20-30 students each, including both males and females, studying fifth semester in three different departments of an engineering college of Hyderabad, Telangana, India were selected. They were given speaking tasks which utilized group dynamics. After the tasks, the data from students was collected and analyzed. The findings supportthe primary aim of this study indicating that group dynamics play a remarkably positive role in improving students’ participation in speaking tasks.

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