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In the present study, numerical simulation of an arbitrary semi-elliptical crack in a turbine  rotor bladehas been carried out using commercial  3D Finite element analysis code ANSYS with an intention of accurate estimation of stresses  in the region of stress singularity which may lead to crack initiation. Initially,a 3D Finite element  model specimen has been analysed for crack analysis.Further, finite element analysis has been carried out by introducing semi elliptical crack at the identified locality of stress singularity to determine the stress range at the crack tip.Stress intensity factor is the parameter in fracture mechanics to calculate the effect of crack on the component strength. In this research paper, the three-dimensional crack is modelled by using finite element analysis program ANSYS R19.1 and the blade profile is modelled by  CATIA V5R20 software. The main objectives of this paper is to analyse the problems like crack location, stress intensity factors for the crack has been examined. In this paper stress intensity factor for single semi elliptical crack has been analysed in linear elastic fracture mechanics regime by FEM model.

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Chandramouli Harige Ramaswamy, & S.Chakradhara Goud. (2019). Numerical Analysis Of An Arbitrary Crack In A Turbine Rotor Blade For Various Crack Lengths. History Research Journal, 5(6), 245-251. Retrieved from