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Good governance is a concept which acts as a true reflector to reflects, reflects its multi-dimensional perspective and it’s role for the welfare for the people, belong to different strata of society. The concept of ‘Good Governance has it’s a rich historic past. The concept was developed by the kings in the ancient period and now used for the welfare of the people; belong to different strata of society. In order to develop the welfare of the people, the ‘Good-governance’ is developed by the leaders, administrators, and the government and non-government organizations. The present paper highlights the different dimensions of good governance and its modes which act as catalytic for propagate the process of ‘Good governance’ for social stability. The notion of ‘good governance’ includes the different modes such as bureaucracy, e-governance and its role for expedite the administrative system at different administrative hierarchies, decentralization of power, protecting the human rights, exercising the right of RTI, Judiciary, executive and globalization which have become a great challenges in the changing scenario.

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