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Marxism and Christianity are often labeled as rival ideologies in the history of western philosophy. Both theories have given different interpretations of the goal of human life. The aim of this paper is to do a comparative study of Marxian and Christian views of human nature. Karl Marx has presented a materialistic account of human nature quite distinct from the traditional account as preached by the Christianity. He was more concerned about the scientific way of interpreting the nature of man. Marx should be regarded not merely as an economic and social theorist, he must be considered as a philosopher for advocating the idea of estranging men from a dominating society. But the method he employed to do so is economical in nature. We cannot deny the fact that economic conditions are extremely required while studying the human history and social situations. And before Marx people are not much aware of this fact. Marx can be given a great deal of appraisal in view of the certitude that we are now at least aware of this without much difficulty. Although Marxian ideologies are extremely influential, his ideas are also open to some serious criticisms which will be addressed in the later sections of the paper.        

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