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Groundnut is called as the king of oil seeds. Groundnut seeds contain high quality of edible oil, digestible protein and carbohydrates, calcium, iron and vitamins. India is the second largest producer of groundnut in the world. Adoption of improved groundnut technology by groundnut cultivators mainly depends on effective utilization of sources of agricultural information. It is observed that improved groundnut technologies are available but that technologies are not reaching to the groundnut cultivators in adoptable form for better crop yield. This gap may partially to be filled by use of various sources of information viz., personal localite, cosmopolitans, mass media exposure, commercial agencies and non-government organizations. The study was taken-up in Sankari and Magudanchavadi block of Salem district. A sample size of 120 groundnut cultivating farmers was selected and thirteen socio-economic and psychological variables were selected to study the Information management behavior of the respondent in groundnut cultivation. In this study, we taken up with the following objective as to study the constraints faced by the respondents in information acquisition process of information management of groundnut technologies. It was noted that the constraints viz., distance location of research station (90.00 per cent) is the foremost constraints perceived by the respondents in the process of information seeking behavior followed by lack of scientist-farmers interaction meetings (85.00 per cent), lack of opportunity in participate training (78.33 per cent).

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