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This paper attempts to study the happiness of the bank employees at the workplace. Everybody’s life is heading towards Happiness. Life satisfaction and happiness is the substance of life. In the same way the ‘Happiness at Work” is of paramount importance. Happy employees are assets to an organisation. They can make things happen. Under this paper, it is attempted to study the determinants of Happiness at Work(HAW) of banking employees. The frontline/front office employees have been selected for the study. The frontline employees in a bank will face many issues or challenges related to the customer which is comparatively stressful with that of the employees at the back office operations. That is the reason why this category of the employees was taken into consideration for analysis and study. The sample size taken for this study was 60. Employees from private sector banks has been taken into study. The work stress and work load are comparatively higher than that of the public sector banks.

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