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The past experience of the extension system revealed that the communication of agricultural information was inefficient and ineffective, leading to an increased gap between innovation in the lab and the adoption in the fields by the farmers. Therefore, it is felt vital to study indepth the concept of information management behaviour of the extension personnel and farmers engaged in development and transfer of technologies. So far no systematic study has been conducted in this area. This study was undertaken to assess the information management behavior and extent of linkage between extension and clientele systems. The study was conducted in cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu with a sample size of 60 extension personnel and 60 sugarcane farmers. Majority of the extensionists were found under high category of information management behaviour. Assistant director of agriculture, superiors and farm and home visits were the regularly contacted channels for information acquisition. Majority of farmers belonged to high category of information management behaviour. Cane development officer, neighbours/fellow farmers and viewing telecasts were found to be their regularly used channels for information acquisition.

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