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This study explores the effects of power and politics in an organisation on employee loyalty. There is very less research on the study of the relationship between employee loyalty and power expression and politics on subordinates. Hence, the researcher feels that this study would fill the gap in the available literature.There are two specific reasons for the choice of the study in IT and ITES companies. This sector has greater number of employees on roll due to technological advancements and the overwhelming interest shown by the employees to work in IT and ITES companies. Superiors are always accountable for the actions and proceedings of the superiors. It may be the thought on the part of superiors to get work done effectively from their subordinates. At times it may also be the attitude of the superiors in expressing their power to overrule the subordinates. This study included 200 employees and data was collected across various IT and ITES companies in Chennai. The finding of this study indicates that as the superior exhibits more power on the subordinates there is a decrease in the loyalty of the employee holding upon the organisation.

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Mr.R.Sivarajan, & Dr.S.Babu. (2019). A Study On The Effects Of Power And Politics On Employee Loyalty In It Companies In Chennai. History Research Journal, 5(6), 66-74. Retrieved from