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Vijayalaya Chola (846-881C.E.) vanquished the Chieftain Muttaraiyar and laid the foundation of the later Chola Kingdom at Tanjore.1 This Chola linage ruled upto 985 C.E. Rajaraja I Chola ascended the throne in the year 985 C.E and he established Chola dynasty.2 Rajendra I Chola, who succeeded Rajaraja I Chola, Rajadhiraja Chola succeeded Rajendra I Chola, Rajadhiraja II Chola succeeded Rajadhiraja I Chola, Virarajendra Chola was also the son of Rajendra I Chola succeeded. Adhirajendra Chola, succeeded Virarajendra Chola, in 1070 A.D. Adhirajendra Chola ruled only for a few weeks. Due to his illness he passed away in the same year. Adhirajendra had no issue for the Chola throne3 and consequently great confusion prevailed in the Chola Mandalam. At this juncture, Eastern Chalukya crown prince Rajaraja Narendra, the offspring of the Chola and Eastern Chalukya matrimonial alliance, ascended the Chola throne.4 He also known as Kulottunga I Chola who begin the rule of the Chalukya Chola line. 5 The accession of Chola throne by Kulottunga I Chola begins the commencement of a new era in the history of Cholas. This paper seeks to trace the Religious endowments, patronage construction and consecration by Chalukyas Chola line Kulottunga I Chola to the Perumukkal Mukyachalesvara Temple. 6

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E. Renuka, & S. Sridhar. (2019). The Lithic Records Open A Window To A Slice Of Patronage Construction And Consecration Of Perumukkal Mukyachalesvara Temple By Kulottunga I Chola . History Research Journal, 5(6), 51-56. Retrieved from